the path to
Day 1: Control

You’re no doubt impatient to start feeling the benefits. They won’t take long - you’ve taken a step in the right direction to start feeling like you again.

Week 1: Emotional Rebalance

The first layer of the supplement - the most readily absorbed ingredients - will start to take effect, which should raise your energy levels and reduce your fatigue. Your mood and emotions will also begin to feel more in harmony.

Week 2: Physical Rebalance

As your gut microbiome become more balanced - enabling easy absorption of more complex ingredients - you should start to notice improvements in your gut and metabolic health, reduction in joint pain caused by inflammation and the balance shifting towards good bacteria in the vagina, bladder and urinary tract.

Month 1: Hormonal Harmony

This is when you should start to notice some significant improvements, as the regulatory effects of the adaptogenic compounds start to build.

You’ll likely feel a real sense of calm and a reduction in stress levels. Your sleep patterns may improve and you will likely achieve deeper sleep.

You should notice a reduction in hot flushes and night sweats as the saponins take effect. You should experience healthier skin, hair and nails. And you may experience an increase in sexual desire as your libido comes back. Enjoy!

Month 3: Mind & Body Rejuvenation

By the end of your 3rd month, you’ll be approaching optimum levels of Selaura’s active ingredients.

Stress and anxiety levels should be greatly reduced which, in turn, boost your physical and mental wellbeing, contributing to an overall feeling of rejuvenation and equilibrium.

Your immune system should continue to get stronger, resulting in increased energy and stamina levels and deeper sleep.

You should also experience increased clarity of mind and a greater ability to focus and concentrate, thanks to the powerful active compounds which support cognitive performance and enhance memory.

On-going: Future Proofing Your Health

The full benefits of such a powerful combination of ingredients will continue to support you now and throughout the coming years. The proven benefits of the patented ingredients not only help to redress the symptoms of perimenopause and menopause, but are also proven to protect your heart and bones, support your cognitive and immune systems, and contribute to healthy cellular ageing for future years.