I’m excited to write this post about Selaura supplements because when I find a product, service or treatment that really does what is says – especially after originally being a bit sceptical – then I want to share it with my glorious midlife followers. I know if something helps me – it’s likely it might help you too and you know that Glowology is, and always has been, about making us feel and look our most fabulous as we age. Basically, it’s all about getting our glow on!

As with any brand that approaches me and asks me to try their products, I consider two things: 1, whether they fit my Glowology ethos and so appeal to my audience and 2, are they credible and worth buying?

When Selaura co-founder Morven, sent me the background information on the brand, I was immediately impressed – and somehow comforted – that these supplements, aimed at women 40+ were developed by two friends who had been on their own menopausal journeys. Both had experienced their fair share of negative symptoms – Morven, a former lawyer, revealed that brain fog and mood swings had seriously impacted her ability to work at the high-powered level she was used to and felt as if she was losing her edge. She had no idea then, that what she was experiencing was to do with hormonal changes – like many of us who wonder what the hell is happening as those symptoms creep up and leave us feeling scattered and confused!

Co-founder, Debbie Wheeler, a holistic therapist with over 20 years of experience was further along with her menopause and having herself gone through a rough few years of haywire hormones, recognised all the signs that Morven was bemoaning. They were sick and tired of being told to ‘just wait it out’ and decided to do something about it – for themselves and other midlife women.

To be totally honest, I am always a little sceptical about supplements and have tried a few brands with varying degrees of success and at first, the high price of Selaura did make me hesitate to review them – but the more I looked into them, the more I liked what I saw and it soon became clear that I was dealing with a premium product.

The Ingredients

the ingredients in Selaura Supplements

The creation of these little pills of wellbeing dynamite sounded totally solid – Morven and Debbie worked with scientists, nutritionists and spoke with women of similar ages as they developed the formulation. I think that is where Selaura stands out from so many women’s wellness supplements, which might contain some useful ingredients, but often fall short when it comes to potency of formulation. The ingredients in Selaura are of the highest quality, used at optimum dosage levels. So, I decided to give them a go!

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The Jargon

Designed to have a ‘layering effect’ on the mind and body – the above illustration shows what you can expect if you take Selaura for three months. The website explains it like this:

Selaura takes a gradual multi-layered approach, gently building up the active ingredients in harmony with your body.

Each clinically proven active ingredient keeps on adding to that feeling of wellness; harnessing the antioxidant, anti-inflammatory synergy of adaptogens, nootropics, vitamins and minerals, which will have a direct and positive impact on your health

My Verdict

Month one: Within a week or so of taking 4 supplements a day (2 in the morning and 2 at night) I couldn’t sit still – but in a good way. I had so much energy, felt totally upbeat and saw the positive in everything. It was great – and at first I didn’t think about this being the Selaura effect until Morven mentioned that some women prefer to start with one tablet in the morning and one at night because it can be quite powerful. I was looking forward to starting month two!

Month two: I started to feel less uber-bouncy and a little calmer. The biggest thing I noticed this month was that my sleep patterns began to improve. Not only was I no longer waking up for my midlife wee (which was always around 3am and so annoying) but I was feeling more refreshed and alert – which was wonderful.

Month three: So, now I’m a week into month 3 and despite having a lot of stress going on in my life at the moment I feel decidedly balanced. Of course, I have wobbly days when anxiety starts to grab hold – I am a middle aged woman – not a saint! But, all in all, I’m feeling really well in myself. I even had another writer friend mention that I was using ‘really impressive words’ when we met up for a coffee. I’d noticed that too and wondered why before realising – ‘ahhh, the Selaura effect!’ Those words which I knew I knew but had been lost in the foggy recesses of my brain since menopause started – suddenly bound forth again. Names of old school friend mums and TV shows were easier to recall (but don’t ask me the names of books I’m reading, because they’re on my kindle, I can never remember them.) I’m also on HRT and Selaura is fine to take alongside it.

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Overall, I have been so happy with the results of Selaura – the positive effects that I’ve had so far such as more energy, better sleep, less anxiety, clearer mind and focus plus stronger nails and hair are worth the cost to me – it makes me feel mentally and physically supported as I go through middle-age and beyond.

Selaura costs £95 for the first month welcome pack (which looks amazing and feels like a real treat to give yourself) and Ongoing Monthly Subscription – £75.

If you just want to try the effects for 3 months without a subscription, The Rejuvenation Pack is £240. I work it out that it’s less than an artisan coffee a day (not that I’m giving up my dog-walking coffee, but I’m happy to not have a second if I’m paying for Selaura!)