The new supplement every woman needs to know about…

Kate Divito tries Selaura, a new female supplement which promises to improve women’s health and wellbeing as they age…

Anxiety, lethargy, brain fog, aching joints, weight gain, dull skin, poor sleep…my list went on. At 45, I knew these were all the classic symptoms of peri-menopause, but it didn’t make going through it any easier. It was affecting my confidence and, for the first time, I felt ‘old.’

I wanted my oomph back and needed a natural solution which is why, when I heard about Selaura, a potent women’s supplement, I jumped at the chance of reviewing it over three months. Created by two female Scots, Selaura combines 12 of the highest quality restorative and rejuvenating ingredients to create one single powerful supplement, designed to alleviate many of the physical and emotional symptoms of both peri and menopause.

“Each morning I awoke refreshed, like I was actually ready to ‘do the day’ and not merely function”

Within the first few weeks of taking the supplements, I knew something was happening: I was sleeping throughout the night. Each morning I awoke refreshed, like I was actually ready to ‘do the day’ and not merely function. My energy levels were back.

By the end of the first month my anxiety levels had reduced, I felt more in control and calm. My skin had its glow back, my hair and nails, less brittle. My libido had been boosted for sure (a huge bonus!) and my appetite had changed, I was less hungry.

Three months in, the old (well, younger!) me is back and I’m a Selaura convert. At £75 a month (£95 for your first month welcome pack) it’s less than the price of a coffee per day. I’ll take that.